• Marliz Pasarew

Calling Your Energy Back

All too often in our American culture we are taught early on to practice good physical or dental hygiene, but How many of us were taught energetic hygiene practices? If you were lucky enough to even be aware of your Electromagnetic field (Aura) how many of you routinely maintain your energy field by calling your energy back?

For those new to this idea, calling your energy back to you is a simple but powerful energetic clearing practice that re energizes and grounds you. It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process or ritual, it can be done as quickly as a minute or two. Faster than it takes for you to brush your teeth or shower!

But first, There is something important you need to know about energy and how we operate.

Everything that exists is made up of energy and has an energetic field, including you.

In your day to day interactions, energy exchanges are happening all around us. Your energy field is ALWAYS interacting with the energy fields of others.

All day, parts of your aura (energy field) are being sent out in the form of words, or thoughts, to connect with other individuals. As someone speaks to you, their energy is being sent in your direction. When you speak to someone else, YOUR energy is being sent in their direction.

During our day if you are ever feeling dispersed or scattered it is because you are! We have literally dispersed ourselves—left so much of our energy behind here and there—that we are not operating to our full extent or with our full power.

If you are exerting a lot of energy – physical, emotional, or mental energy, in a conversation,project,or task, you are sending quite a bit of your energy out.

When the interaction is over, your energy doesn’t automatically come back to you.

In fact, it could still be all tied to someone or somewhere else.

This could make you tired and it can cause you to continue to think about troubling encounters and daytime responsibilities when you really just want to disconnect.

When you don’t call your energy back to you, what happens then is that your energy is out and about, existing everywhere else but in your physical and auric body.

In order for you to feel energized, clear and to exist as your full and present self, you have to call your energy back to you.

If your prone to feeling exhausted at the end of the day it would be a good idea to make calling your energy back a part of your daily or nightly bedtime routine. Otherwise anytime you feel you need it is fine. Let your intuition lead the way.

Now It’s time to call your energy back

Here’s a quick method I like to do when I feel tired at the end of a long day with clients.

Take a DEEP Breath in and say something like this,

I now call my energy back from anyone, any situation, belief,

or event that has held it before now. I invite my power back with ease, grace, and gratitude, right now, and so it is.”

I visualize my scattered energy like a magnet instantly clinking back to me. I surround my self with a golden white light and imagine detaching anyone else’s energy from me- severing any energetic chords picked up along the way . The severed cords I imagine sending those down a dark hole deep into the earth to be transmitted. I end by affirming "I am now whole" and visualize my body's aura cleansed and glowing.

How do you call back your energy?



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