• Marliz Pasarew

Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Full moons are a time to harvest. This Lunar phase brings us a natural energy acceleration were Emotions are heightened. It’s a powerful time to gracefully acknowledge, with gratitude, the beauty of all you have brought into being over the last month.

Think about what you want to let go of, work with the vibrations of the moon let go of any aspects of your life that no longer serve the grandest vision of your Soul.

Over Time I have tailored my moon rituals around my ever evolving personal growth spiritual development. My rituals have evolved and expanded over time just as yours have or will.

Full Moon ceremonies are as unique and personal as you create them to be- that's a part of the fun! You may feel a burning desire to express your creativity in writing or painting, bliss out in sensual activities like a spiritual cleansing bath or meditation.

Weither simply chilling at home and lighting a candle for yourself or coming together with others in sacred circle, the energy of the full moon is a powerful way to bring healing to the self/group and simply BE this Wave of LOVE for all Humanity and planet Earth. 

Here are just a few ways I utilize the full moons energy and Prepare my own little moon ceremony.

  • Cleanse your energy and your space - White or Desert Sage is best for cleansing followed by Burning Sweet Grass or Palo Santo wood to bless after the cleansing. If you struggle with the aroma of burning sage try buying or making a sage spray, burning some favorite incense or light candles infused with white sage or sweet grass. you can also cleanse with sound vibration via a singing bowl or tingshas

  • Comb a piece of Selenite around your aura (a few inches around the outline of your body) Selenite is a great Aura cleanser

  • The Full Moon is a great time to ‘moon bathe’ – Light a beautiful candle, grab your favorite crystals and simply sit under the light of the moon and meditate. Or Say a little moon prayer, take deep breaths in the moon air. As you breathe-in allow the moon to warm your Heart and expand the beauty of the present moment. As you breathe-out let the light of the moon transmute that which you wish to release.  

  • Place your crystals outside to bathe in the moonlight. I LOVE placing my crystals out under the Full Moon to cleanse their crystalline structures and infuse them with reflected solar vibrations. If its rainy just place them on a windowsill they will still be able to receive some of the lunar energy.

  • Do an Oracle card reading from your favorite deck for some guidance or use it as a meditative focal point. My favorite lunar decks are Moonology and Queen of the moon Oracle.

  • In a little jar make some magic moon water - pop in a Tumbled crystal in a cup or jar (only use quartz see my toxicity blog list for safe crystals to use in water) and add some filtered water. Put a lid on it (I use a corktop jar). Leave out overnight.

  • On a piece of paper Write out 5-10 things you want to let go of tonight.

  • On another piece of paper write 5-10 things you would love to manifest this month. Let the universe know your intentions.

  • Burn the ‘Releasing’ (letting go) paper, safely. I usually use a shell, ceramic bowl or my little cauldron.

  • Bury aka "plant" your intentions manifesting paper in some earth, your garden perhaps?

  • Run yourself a Spiritual cleansing moon bath - add quartz crystals, flowers, Himalayan or sea salt and essential oils to an organza bag tie it up and toss in the water - I highly recommend adding the oils to the salt before adding to bath water, as you will end up with oils sitting on top of the water .

  • Let the bath have time to process and disperse all you have added.

  • If needed you can cut energy cords in the bath by fully immersing yourself (head under).

  • Add your favorite music and as many candles as you'd like!

  • Lastly, In the morning grab your moon water and pour over the earth where you put your manifesting and intentions paper . Water your intentions and imagine your dreams manifesting into reality.



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