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Maintaining Your Energetic Hygiene

The existence of an energy field, or aura, is ancient knowledge. Although this has not yet become mainstream science, or general knowledge, the existence of an energy field around the body rests on sound scientific grounds.

Everything that exists is made up of energy and has an energetic field, including you.

In your day to day interactions, energy exchanges are happening all around us. Your energy field is ALWAYS interacting with the energy fields of others.

When you learn to manage your energy wisely you can physically, mentally and spiritually thrive in your life with ease.

This article is a melting pot of collected teachings from various teachers I have studied under over the years. These Energy hygiene techniques have made a huge difference in my life and my greatest hope is they can assist you on your journey too. I use any combination of the mentioned techniques below routinely, along with consciously and carefully choosing who I spend my time with. If some people are obviously draining your energy, limit your time with them and surround yourself with people that actually understand and support you.

We can’t fulfill our purpose if we allow ourselves to be energy vacuums. No one can manage our energy for us. It is up to us to take the initiative and reclaim our most valuable asset. Manage your energy with these simple tips below

Aura Cleanse With Crystals:

cleanse your aura with crystals, selenite specifically. Take a selenite wand and use it like it’s an eraser. Comb the crystal up and down your body, visualizing it combing out anxiety and worries from your day away. Make sure you start at the top of your head, moving to the bottom of your feet, about 5 inches away from the body, and let the Selenite healing crystal energetically cleanse you.

Energetic shower:

Sitting upright with your feet on the ground Visualize sparkling white light energy at the base of your feet. See and feel the warm light flowing up from the bottom of your feet, through your whole body and releasing out the top of your head and cascading back down around you like a fountain. Then flowing back up under and through the feet, then back up your body in a continuous loop. Do this for a minute or longer if you feel the need. If you like using crystals as a tool defiantly add to this exercise to amplify your energy, but its not necessary.

Cleansing Shower:

Water is super cleansing so I like to use it to clear my energy while cleaning my physical body. In the shower I visualize water washing away all the energy that isn’t mine and all that I no longer wish to hold on to. You can also visualize a color — white, golden — would be my choice, but I suggest you play with this and do whatever works for you.

Grounding Sea Salt Baths

It’s not a secret that salt cleanses and absorbs negative energy. From my personal experience — it does the trick

1 cup of Epsom salt

1/4 of sea salt 

Essential oils,candles and herbs if you like

Soak in the tub for at least 30 minutes. An hour is optimal. As you’re soaking, imagine all the emotional, mental and physical things not in your highest good leaving your body and being transmuted into white light by the water. When you drain the tub, imagine all the “gunk” draining away with the water.

Energizing Breath Work:

Breathing techniques do wonders! For clearing energy from the body I like to use energizing breath-work such as Bhastrika Pranayama or kapalabhati. Make sure to use these techniques in a safe place with your eyes closed and in shorter time periods, as they are quite powerful. I love that they clear your energy, yet energize you at the same time! This is super practical and easy to do anytime you need to feel better.


I never leave the house without my energetic shield on. Especially if I plan to interact with a lot people. I simply ask for protection, usually from Archangel Michael who is the protector of mankind,but you can call on whomever you like. Visualize a golden white “egg” around me.

I like to affirm: “Only loving thoughts, energy and intentions can pass through this shield.” or something like “I am safe and protected.” This may seem simple, but works every time.

Organize your Energy:

Anytime of day or especially when you feel scattered and tired Call back your energy. first Take a DEEP Breath in and say something like this,

I now call my energy back from anyone, any situation, belief,

or event that has held it before now. I invite my power back with ease, grace, and gratitude, right now, and so it is.”

I visualize my scattered energy like a magnet instantly clinking back to me. I surround my self with a golden white light and imagine detaching anyone else’s energy from me- severing any energetic chords picked up along the way . The severed cords I imagine sending those down a dark hole deep into the earth to be transmitted. I end by affirming "I am now whole" and visualize my body's aura cleansed and glowing.

Smudging : Smudging is a simple, fast, cost-effective way to cleanse yourself and create sacred space. Use palo santo, sage or incense sticks of choice. I personally use white sage as I love the scent and how it makes me feel. When I feel I have taken on a lot of negative energy, or my vibration feels low I smudge. Simply light the end of the sage stick or loose herbs in a shell or bowl and extinguish the flame once the herbs have started smoldering.  Allow the smudge stick to smolder, the smoke will circle in the air.  Fan the swirls of smoke around your body from head to toe. There is no wrong way to smudge.  As long as you hold a positive intention the universe will know and guide your actions.


Imagine you had some dust on your coat and you wanted to sweep it off. This is exactly the same movement! Sweep off negative energy downwards. You might feel residue on your hands after sweeping so make sure to wash hands with cold water after you do it.

Get into Nature:

Nothing transmutes negative energy and renews your spirit like spending time in nature. Take your shoes off and let your soles touch Mother Earth’s soul. She is the ultimate energy trans-muter. Just allow all the heaviness from the day to flow into the earth and imagine it being transformed into love and light. Sit by a creek, river  or ocean and listen to the song it sings you. Look up at the stars in the night sky and feel the moon feeding your aura. Take a walk in the woods and listen to the trees. If you’re a mountain person, plan to spend time once or twice a year in the mountains. Same thing if you’re a beach person. There’s a reason you’re called to these places of power. They are your PERSONAL places of empowerment. Go there! 

Maintain a High Vibration

The best form of protection, as it turns out, is to not need protection. You can only experience what you resonate with . When you vibrate at a specific level, you deflect negative entities, people and energies. It is literally painful for them to be in your presence. Over time the more negative stuff I released and the higher my vibration became, people and things that were not good for me just left. I started attracting people and situations that WERE conducive to my growth. When I was operating at a lower vibration level, I was essentially repelling the higher vibration things I wanted to attract into my life. 

Maintaining a high vibration has taught me the power of living a life of joy and not getting sucked back down into those “false egos” – fear, shame, depression – any emotion not at the level of contentment and above. 

Maintaining a high vibration is living a life that brings you happiness and joy.

you can raise your vibration with :

  • Gratitude. Start every day thankful for at least one thing. Gratitude is a high frequency emotion.

  • Taking care of your physical body raises your vibration. The foods you eat can affect your vibration. Strive to drink “living” water – spring water vs filtered municipal water. In addition to the ethical reasons, many vegetarians eat that way due to the vibrational attributes of the plant. Unlike animals, a harvested plant doesn’t experience trauma and that trauma isn’t passed on to you. Personally, I Reiki my food to raise it’s vibration to what is optimal for my body. 

  • Meditation or communing with your Spirit raises your vibration. There are many different meditation methods, the style that works for me are guided meditations, they are the ones that engages rather than disengages the mind. It requires focusing on a seed of thought. Or you pick a topic, think about it and then you just allow that thought to flow. Where does it take you? Just naturally let it flow. No stress to maintain an empty mind. No analyzing the thought, just observing where it goes.

ANY activity that engages and focuses your mind can be meditation. If It brings me joy That’s meditation. Do what works for you.

  • Digital Detox Lastly, Turn off your phone and get off the internet regularly. Read a book instead or just relax. Receiving so many notifications and information from your devices can be draining. Turn on Airplane mode and watch your energy rise.

What other ways do you Maintain your energetic hygiene?



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