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Crystal Toxicity list for Gem Elixirs

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

I love the idea of gem or crystal elixirs….that is, water infused with the frequency of a particular crystal or stone, along with your thoughts and intentions too!

After all your thoughts are an energy and vibration and water is programmable to its surrounding frequencies. After the crystals have spent a full night infusing the water they are removed and the the water is then ingested for healing purposes.  

However, it is absolutely necessary to be well-educated about what stones are toxic. As always do your due diligence and make sure your chosen crystals are safe to use if you plan on doing the direct method . (submerging your crystals directly in your water -which is my preferred method)

As a general guideline using any crystal from the Quartz family is always your safest bet for the direct method.

Clear quartz

Rose quartz

Smoky quartz



Tangerine quartz

Nobel / Elite Shungite

If you have crystals you want to use that are on this list you can place your crystals around your container of water ( indirect method).

Have fun infusing your healing water with your highest of intentions, beautiful crystals and lunar goodness .

Cheers !

Actinolite May contain asbestos. Not recommended for elixirs

Adamite Contains arsenic and some copper

Ajoite Contains aluminum and copper

Alexandrite Contains aluminum

Amazonite Contains copper

Atacamite Contains copper

Aquamarine Contains aluminum

Auricalcite Contains zinc and copper

Azurite Contains copper

Beryl Group:


Bumblebee jasper





Morganite All Contains aluminum

Black Tourmaline Contains aluminum

Boji-stones (aka Moqui Balls,

Shaman Stone, Shamanic Star Stone) Contains some sulphur, pyrite and/or marcasite

Bronchantite Contains copper

Cavansite Contains copper

Celestite Contains strontium

Chalcantite Contians copper

Chalcopyrite (peacock stone) Contains copper and sulphur

Chrysocolla Contains copper

Cinnabar Contians mercury

Conicalcite Contians copper

Covellite Contains copper and sulphurn quantity

CovelliteContains copper and sulphur

Cuprite Contains copper

Dioptase Contains copper

Dumortierite Contains aluminum

Emerald Contains aluminum

Fluorite Contains fluorine

Garnet (Spessartine, Almandine, Uvarovite, Rhodolite,Hessonite )Contains aluminum

Gem Silica Contains copper

Galena Contains lead

Garnierite (aka Falcondoite) Contains nickel

Iolite Contains aluminum

Kunzite Contains aluminum

Labradorite Contains aluminum

Lapis Lazuli Contains pyrite

Lepidolite Contains aluminum

Malachite Contains copper

Markasite Contains sulphur

Mohawkite Contains copper and Arsenic

Moldavite Contains aluminum oxide

Moonstone Contains aluminum

Morganite Contains aluminum

Pietersite Fibrous form contains asbestos

Prehnite Contains aluminum

Psiomelan Contains barium

Pyrite Contains sulphur

Realgar Contains sulphur and arsenic

Ruby Contains aluminum

Sapphire Contains aluminum

Selenite Although not toxic, friable; tiny shards may break off in water

Serpentine Fibrous form contains asbestos

Smithsonite May contain copper

Sodalite Contains aluminum

Spinel Contains aluminum

Spodumene (aka Kunzite) Contains aluminum

Staurolite Contains aluminum

Stibnite Contains lead and antimony

Stilbite Contains aluminum

Sugilite Contains aluminum

Sulfur Poisonous

Sunstone Contains aluminum

Tanzanite–Gem variety of Zoisite. Contains aluminum

Topaz Contains aluminum

Torbenite Radioactive

Tourmaline Contains aluminum

Tremolite May contain asbestos

Turquoise Contains copper and aluminum

Vanadinite Contains vanadium

Variscite Contains aluminum

Vesuvianite Contains aluminum

Wavellite Contains aluminum

Wulfenite Contains lead and molybdenum

Zircon Contains zirconium, radioactive




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