• Marliz Pasarew

Spiritual Cleansing Bath

Today Saturday Sept, 14th 2019 is a full moon in Pisces and Harvest Moon, which Hasn't occurred since October 2000 and wont occur again until August 2049. Under this full moon we are harvesting what we have sewn this year. Now is a time to release the structures and limitations that we have outgrown.

Sometimes negative energy can have a build-up and leave you feeling drained. Having a cleansing salt/crystal bath can be a spiritual form of cleansing your Electromagnetic field (Aura) and to allow your soul to feel refreshed. Wash away your bad day and any heavy energy you may feel that you have absorbed and been carrying around.

Of course you don't have to wait until a full moon to take a spiritual bath,but its a nice treat under the power of full moon energy. Under the full moon it is a time to release and give gratitude. know that when all the grayish dark water has disappeared down the drain, it has taken away the negativity you built up and have been holding on to. It's time to refresh and renew your soul!

What you'll need:

Candles (white is the preferred color but use what your intuitively drawn to. Depending on which color chosen, that energy will be used... example: purple - healing, green - knowledge & abundance, or yellow - positivity...)

Pinch of dried or even fresh sage of your choice (example: white sage, mugwort, or lavender) 8 drops of peppermint oil 10 drops of lavender oil 1/2 cup of Sea salt or black salt if you can find it (You can add in Epsom salts to ease pain) 1 Clear Quartz 1 Black Obsidian 1 Rose Quartz

What to do: Light your candles and add the ingredients directly into your bath or place your herbs, salt and crystals in a organza bag and drop it in. You can also add additional crystals you feel called to use. Certain crystals cannot be placed in water, those that cannot can be placed around the tub.

Soak yourself and visualize white cleansing light surrounding your whole body in love. When you step out of the bath, be conscious that the water going down the drain is taking away the negative junk you've absorbed throughout your day, week, month....

If you are cleansing something specific, write it down on a piece of paper and burn it with a black candle before you bath!

After your bath, wear white clothes (if you can) for the remainder of the day as a reminder that you have reset your souls energy.

Happy Cleansing!



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